The fields of activity of SEITZ
Our industry reach

SEITZ stands for expertise and innovation in professional textile cleaning and care. Our product range and services extend across various industries, adapted to specific needs and requirements. In laundries, where efficiency and textile care are crucial, we offer specialized solutions that enable environmentally friendly and effective cleaning. We also offer tailor-made solutions in the catering sector, where cleanliness and hygiene are essential.

Our expertise also extends to sensitive areas such as hospitals, where the highest standards of hygiene and specialized cleaning solutions are required. By combining many years of experience and continuous innovation, we meet the demanding requirements and have thus achieved a wide industry reach.

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We attach great importance to listening carefully to the requirements and wishes of our customers and understanding their challenges. This understanding is the key for our research and development department to develop innovative and customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Our customer groups Our customer groups

Our customer groups
Industries that we support

A small selection of industries that we already support with modern products, processes and systems from SEITZ.

Industry Laundries

LaundriesEfficiency in every wash cycle

Efficient and gentle cleaning agents are essential for a wide range of textiles in laundries. SEITZ offers specialized products that remove stubborn stains while preserving textile quality. For the demanding task of laundry hygiene, SEITZ supplies solutions that guarantee both environmental friendliness and optimum cleaning results.

Industry textile cleaning

Textile cleaningGentle, thorough, specialized

Textile cleaners are faced with the challenge of treating delicate fabrics effectively and gently. A wide range of cleaning agents designed for different types of textiles and stains is required here. These products enable thorough cleaning while at the same time protecting the textiles.

Retirement and care homes

Retirement and care homesHygiene with care

Hygiene is of the utmost importance in retirement and nursing homes. SEITZ supports these facilities with products that are not only clean, but also hygienic. Particularly suitable for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers, SEITZ products ensure safe and effective cleaning.

Hotel industry

Hotel industryLuxury in every fiber

The quality of laundry in the hotel industry reflects luxury and comfort. SEITZ supplies high-quality cleaning agents that ensure fresh, spotless laundry and are also environmentally friendly. These products are ideal for meeting the high standards of cleanliness and aesthetics in the hotel industry.

Restaurant Industry

RestaurantsPurity meets aesthetics

In the catering industry, it is crucial to keep both kitchen and table linen hygienic and stain-free. SEITZ offers powerful cleaning agents that effectively remove grease and food residues while protecting the textiles. This ensures a neat appearance at all times.

Industry Hospitals

HospitalsCleanliness for safety

Hospitals require specialized cleaning solutions that meet strict hygiene standards. SEITZ offers products that ensure thorough and hygienic cleaning while being gentle on sensitive materials. We support hospitals in maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Industry fire departments

Fire departmentsUnit in action

Fire services require cleaning agents that effectively remove soot, dirt and contamination. We create solutions tailored to the needs of fire departments to clean equipment and clothing effectively and safely. These products ensure the necessary cleanliness and contribute to the longevity of the equipment.

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Comprehensive textile care services that focus on sustainability, efficiency and state-of-the-art technologies to set industry-leading standards.

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Innovative, environmentally friendly cleaning products that stand for efficiency and ecological responsibility in the industry and set new standards in environmental friendliness.

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Advanced textile care systems that combine energy and water efficiency with the latest technology and sustainability for environmentally conscious cleaning.

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Gentle textile care processes that extend the lifespan of textiles while conserving valuable resources are a milestone in industry innovation.

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Individual service solutions for efficient textile care processes, geared towards ecological sustainability and maximum efficiency, offer a comprehensive approach to environmental protection.

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