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SEITZ, founded in 1885, has established itself as an internationally recognized, medium-sized company in the field of professional cleaning and care. With a deep-rooted tradition and a constant striving for innovation, SEITZ offers comprehensive solutions for hygienic cleaning and care.

Our product range includes high-quality cleaning products that both meet the demanding needs of modern hygiene and minimize the ecological footprint. From laundry care to the cleaning of delicate textiles and surfaces in commercial operations, we offer a wide-ranging overall concept. Thanks to our many years of experience and continuous focus on research and development, SEITZ produces high-quality, environmentally friendly products that meet ever-growing needs.

Our vision:
The green textile care

We are making the textile care industry more sustainable

We help you to maintain textiles in a clean, profitable and future-oriented way and to keep them usable for as long as possible.

This significantly reduces our overall environmental impact and makes a positive contribution to sustainability on our planet.

The green textile care The green textile care

We serve a wide range of industries

SEITZ serves a wide range of industries with its expertise in textile care. From specialized solutions for laundries and dry cleaners to tailor-made ones for retirement and nursing homes as well as the hotel industry, we ensure quality and efficiency in every segment. Discover our comprehensive and innovative cleaning solutions.


Our solutions for laundries combine efficiency with textile care. SEITZ offers innovative products for all laundry care requirements that are both environmentally friendly and effective in order to meet high quality standards.

Textile cleaning

SEITZ supports textile cleaners with specialized cleaning agents that are tailored to delicate fabrics and various types of stains. Our products guarantee thorough and gentle cleaning to ensure the longevity of textiles.

Retirement and nursing homes

SEITZ offers hygienic and skin-friendly cleaning solutions for retirement and care homes. Our products are specially designed to meet the strict hygiene requirements in care settings while being gentle on sensitive skin.

Hotel industry

In the hotel industry, SEITZ sets standards with high-quality cleaning products that promise luxury and comfort in textile care. Our products ensure fresh, spotless laundry and help to meet high aesthetic standards.

The Seitz offer

Our comprehensive solutions for your success

Innovative services

Experience our comprehensive textile care services that set new standards in the industry through the fusion of sustainability, advanced technologies and efficiency.

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Modern products

Our product line redefines ecological excellence with innovative, environmentally friendly cleaning products. Each product is a symbol of efficiency and green responsibility.

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Efficient systems

Modern systems that combine energy efficiency and advanced technology offer an environmentally friendly cleaning solution for all situations.

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Ecological processes

We offer you gentle textile care and cleaning processes that both increase the lifespan of textiles and use resources efficiently.

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Individual support

The provision of individual service at SEITZ means ecological sustainability and high efficiency. We create a customized service concept according to your needs.

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Our ShopThousands of products directly available

Discover a comprehensive selection of cleaning products and equipment in our store. Thousands of immediately available items for your textile care needs - from high-quality specialist cleaners to modern care systems, all just a click away.

Our green missionEcological textile care for all

We do green

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