Our green solutions

SEITZ offers customized services that are specifically tailored to the needs of the dry cleaning and laundry industry. Our expertise ranges from the implementation of advanced cleaning systems to the optimization of washing processes. We use sustainable methods to conserve resources and reduce environmental impact. Our services also include staff training to ensure that the best practices in terms of environmental protection and efficiency are applied.

Our services offer not only individual consulting and specific concept development, but also a wide range of laboratory services. This enables our customers to optimize the quality of their processes and products. We provide support in the selection and application of our cleaning products in order to achieve optimum results and minimize the ecological footprint. Our aim is to improve our customers' operations and meet their environmental standards through comprehensive services.

Our solutions
Flashpoint examination
Flash point analysis
Determining the flash point from a solvent sample.
pH value determination
pH value determination
Determination of the pH value of a measurement sample in our laboratory.
Textile damage investigation
Investigation of textile damage from cleaning/wet cleaning and laundry.
Water analysis
Water testing
Determination of hardness. Determination of iron, manganese & copper content. Comparison with target values.
Plant maintenance
Regular check of the technology incl. hose replacement. Restoring the settings/programs.
Cleaning & disinfection plans
Cleaning & disinfection plans
Creation of individual cleaning and hygiene concepts for the customer.
Staff training
Staff training
Professional training to simplify handling and avoid errors.
Laboratory services

Specialized laboratory servicesSEITZ offers state-of-the-art laboratory services

SEITZ is setting new standards in the cleaning industry with specialized laboratory services. Our laboratory offers comprehensive analysis of textile and water samples, providing our customers with deep insights into the quality and effectiveness of their processes. Our experts use state-of-the-art technology to deliver precise results tailored to the specific requirements and challenges of the industry. Our laboratory services are an integral part of our strategy to help customers optimize their cleaning processes.

  • 1
    Flashpoint test
  • 2
    Water testing
  • 3
    Hygiene check
  • 4
    Bacterial examination
  • 5
    Textile damage analysis

By means of these laboratory services, Seitz supports its customers in ensuring high-quality and safe cleaning processes. Our detailed investigations help to identify the causes of problems and develop effective solutions. We offer tailored advice based on precise laboratory results to best meet the needs of our customers.

Knowledge transfer at SEITZ Training programs

Seitz offers comprehensive training programs for customers to provide expertise and skills in the field of professional textile care and cleaning. These programs cover both theoretical principles and practical applications and are designed to train our customers' staff in the latest techniques and best practices. With these tailor-made training programs, we strive to increase the efficiency and quality of our customers' cleaning processes while promoting employee competence.

All-round carefree service Technical support

Our technical support at Seitz includes not only troubleshooting, but also preventive maintenance and optimization of cleaning systems and processes. We offer our customers continuous support to ensure the performance and reliability of their systems. Our team of experienced technicians is ready to provide fast and effective solutions to any technical challenges. This service helps to minimize downtime and maximize operational efficiency.

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